At PsychWise Associates we believe in evidence-based knowledge and interventions, and as part of that we remain research and supervision active. Dr Petter researches and writes in the area of stress, shame and powerlessness within individuals and organisations, focussing on the triangulation of powerlessness within systems. He also teaches, supervises and examines doctoral level research in the Psychology Department of City University London and teaches at the University of Surrey. He further supervises MBA and DBA research focussing on organisational Health, Salutogenesis at the University of Gloucestershire.



Publications and recent engagements include:


Petter, S. (2011). Multimodal Interventions for Pre- and Co-morbid Shame. Lambert Academic Publishing


Evans, R. E., Petter, S. (2012). Identifying mitigating and challenging beliefs in dealing with threatening patients: An analysis of experiences of clinicians working in a psychiatric intensive care unit. Journal of Psychiatric Intensive Care Vol 8 (2)


Petter, S. (2014). Between Freedom and Belonging: Coaching on Covert Clinical Motivators. A presentation given at 'The British Psychological Society's 4th International Coaching Congress', December 2014 London


We are currently part of research conducted by the ReAttach Therapy Institute, investigating the delivery and impact of ReAttach therapy.