Dr Soren Petter, CPsychol, CSci, EuroPsy, AFBPsS, BSc, MA, Post-MA-Dip, DipExPsych, DipReAttach, UKCP, HCPC


Dr Petter is a Consultant Psychologist with 17 years of experience in the National Health Service, Private Health Care Sector and Organisational Stress Management. He has international experience having worked in the UK, Germany and USA, and in Africa in charitable mental health consultancy. He also is a visiting lecturer and doctoral examiner to a variety of UK Universities and supervises and publishes research on relevant clinical matters. His special focus is prevention of and management of organisational and individual stress, distress and compulsive patterns by increasing functional multi-sensory processing. He is the Board representative for the United Kingdom for the ReAttach Foundation, a salutogenic foundation whose mission it is to increase global human connectivity and reduce elements that preclude human and societal development and growth.




Dr Rebecca Lowe, CPsychol, BA, DipPsych, CertArt, DCounsPsy, HPCP, MBABCP


Dr Lowe is a Specialist Psychologist in the National Health Service and the Private Health Sector, with a specific focus on acute anxiety and stress management, depression and trauma presentations, and general mental health care. Dr Lowe delivers tailor-made CBT interventions as well as Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy, which she also teaches at post-graduate level. She also has a background in creative arts and is trained to integrate art into psychological therapy. For people who might struggle with talking therapies she offers ReAttach therapy to engage and help with complex emotional difficulties.  


Dr Naomi Scott, CPsychol, BSc, DClinPsy, HPCP, MBABCP


Dr Scott is a Consultant Psychologist with 20 years of NHS and private health care experience in the management of teams and severe mental health distress. She is equally trained in providing mindfulness and ACT groups (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) in organisational settings to reduce stress and build up organisational resilience.