Psychological Therapy:


We can help with acute stress, anxiety, panic, depression, obsessions, Obsessive Compulsive disorder (OCD), burn-out, bereavement, loss, addictions, sexual problems, sex addiction, relationship problems. We also offer therapy for diagnosed mental health problems in conjunction with a GP or Psychiatrist. If you have a problem not listed here please contact us for further information or a referral.


Couples and Family Therapy:


We work with micro and macro systems, from couple therapy and family consultation to larger groups and organisations.


Stress Management:


We are experienced in and offer stress management for individuals as well as organisations, and can provide tailor-made interventions as well as resilience workshops.




We are experienced in and offer coaching for work and life matters, both from within organisations or separately by yourself.


Systems and Organisational Diagnostics:


We have for many years helped organisations to manage and reduce stress, build resilience and enhanced organisational cultures through workshops, education and interventions.


Unless otherwise requested we use evidence-based tools and interventions across all our services.