Psychwise Consultants are very experienced in organisational consultancy, and have for many years supported organisations and their staff through psychological training and education. Our specific experience comes from working with teams in the Consultancy, Banking, Education and Health Sector, including working with Unions on trans-organisational phenomena. The below core workshops are available, however we also develop tailor-made workshops upon request:


Balance Training:

A straight forward training which enables participants to understand the neurological and psychological core-elements of stress and how to build a solid work-life balance.


Resilience Building:

A modular follow up from the initial balance training, focusing on the integration of personal and organisational value systems to increase resilience.


Organisational Change Management:

A brief program designed to equip employees to navigate through the difficulties of organisational change, restructuring, transitions and re-organisations. Participants also learn in general how to manage themselves in times of change.


Organisational Development: 

A program developed to facilitate organisations in building a cohesive sense of organisation and employee. Organisational cohesion, versus fragmentation, as per research makes healthier and more productive employees.

This approach is a bottom-up approach to building healthy organisations, versus a top-down fixing approach. It builds on the concept of 'salutogenesis' (the origin of health). Psychwise Associates currently supervises doctoral research at the University of Gloucestershire, in conjunction with the German FH Mittlestand, drawing on research from the University of St Gallen. The research investigates introducing salutogenetic variables into medium sized enterprises in Germany.