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What is Reattach?

Psychwise Associates has undergone training with the ReAttach Therapy Institute pioneered by Drs Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus, and offers this unique new intervention. Drs Paula Weerkamp-Bartholomeus’ paper “ReAttach: a new schema therapy for adults and children? part I adults”won the Clinical Neuropsychiatry Award 2015.

Dr Petter is both an accredited ReAttach practitioner and trainer, as well as the UK Board representative for the ReAttach foundation. The ReAttach foundation has the mission to bring ReAttach to society at a global level as a salutogenic model, meaning an intervention that pro-actively fosters health, human connectivity and development, rather than just reducing rates of disease (pathogenic approach).

ReAttach therapy is a new intervention focusing on the importance of attachment and play, which fosters multi-sensory-processing and advanced human connectivity. It is built on the scientific evidence that all human emotion and cognitive processing is essentially a relational process whereby the individual needs to be understood as part of a community, a ‘We’, rather than a sole ‘I’, a universe by itself. It is built on the principles of optimal arousal, multiple-sensory-integration, mentalisation and cognitive bias modification. It has proven very beneficial in helping people with symptom reduction, affect processing and increased psychological functioning, amongst other benefits. ReAttach is currently trialled for various pathologies in a number of countries and settings. PsychWise Associates is actively engaged in Research and academic publications with the ReAttach Foundation.

For more information see the below links: 

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